Snugly or Snuggly?

Snugly or Snuggly? What’s the difference in meaning?

Snugly means that something fits well. Snugly and Snuggly are both possible spellings of a word that means to be in a warm cozy place but could have slightly different connotations.

Snugly comes from the word Snug and snuggly comes from the word snuggle.

Snug(Snugly) meaning and use 

Snug has three different meanings that I am aware of. Snugly is related to snug.

Snug means warm and cozy but it also means something that is tight-fitting. 

These two meanings are often combined to give you an adjective that means all of the things mentioned above but that is not always the case. 

The scarf fits snugly around my neck.

In this example, you are saying that the scarf is cozy and warm but also that it is tight-fitting. This meaning of tight-fitting always has a positive connotation so shouldn’t be used when something is uncomfortable.

The word snugly can also mean tight-fitting but without meaning warm and cosy.

Modular housing allows each piece to fit snugly into position. 

The snug(a noun) is also used to describe a section of a pub(usually in Ireland) that is closed off and private. This gives the idea of a place in a pub that is warm, cosy, and tight-fitting. 

Snuggle(Snuggly) Meaning and Use

Snuggly is the adjective of the verb to snuggle.

Snuggly means to be very close to a partner and kiss and cuddle and be affectionate in a warm and cozy way. 

Snuggly does not have to mean be with a partner and you can also feel snuggly in your bed or on the couch,

I feel so snuggly under my new blanket.

Can we get all snuggly later this evening?