So Long As or As Long As? What’s the difference? 

When referring to conditions that are placed on something, you can use the conjunctions “so long as” and “as long as” interchangeably. Both of these phrases are considered to be synonymous with one another. The phrases are most frequently utilized in the body of a sentence, specifically in the context of the speaker applying a condition to a term.  

Keep reading to find out the meaning of the phrases “so long as” and “as long as,” as well as some examples of how to use them in a sentence.

As Long As Defined

‘As long as’ is a phrase that is meant to put a term or condition on something. People who speak and write in English use the phrase “for as long as” to refer to the anticipated length of time that a plan or idea will be in effect, most often when discussing the future. After the phrase “so long as,” the future is always brought up using the present simple tense.

So Long As Defined

To put a term or condition on something, “so long as” means exactly the same thing as “as long as,” which means “as long as.” On the other hand, using the phrase “so long as” is considered to be a more casual way of speaking and writing.

Difference Between As Long As and So Long As.

The only difference between the conjunctions ‘so long as’ and ‘as long as’ is that ‘as long as’ is used in more formal speaking and writing and ‘so long as’ is considered to be more informal.

Using So Long As and As Long As in a Sentence

In order to use the phrase ‘so long as’ in a sentence, you’ll need to combine two individual sentence parts. The phrases are conjunctive phrases. A conjunctive phrase is simply the name given to a series of words that functions in the same manner as a conjunction. This phrase can be made up of two or more words.

Here are a few examples of how to use both ‘so long as’ and ‘as long as’ in a sentence:

  • We will get ice cream after the baseball game as long as you have good behavior. 
  • I will get you a special treat as long as you do well on your math test. 
  • You can have a new car stereo so long as you take out the one that is in it now. 
  • I will watch a movie with you so long as I can pick it.