Can You Start A Sentence With The Word “Whereas?”

Whereas is considered a transition word, referred to as a conjunction, and it can be used at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence. Many people assume that a conjunction can only be used to combine two separate sentences, but some can be used in other scenarios, including “whereas.”

Understanding what the word “whereas” means, as well as how to use it properly in a sentence, will help you expand your vocabulary and refine your writing skills.

What Does Whereas Mean?

The term “whereas” is used when you are looking to display how two separate things or ideas contrast with one another. This essentially means that you are comparing two things or ideas to show that they are different.

Sometimes, it can be used in place of other common conjunctions, such as “but” and “although.”

“Whereas” is also sometimes seen in legal jargon, and it means “in consideration of.” This use of the word is typically only saved for legal writing, as it can be confusing to read it this way in other contexts.

How Do I Use Whereas Properly?

If you are using the word “whereas” at the beginning of a sentence, you want to be sure that you are using it because you intend to show how two things are different in the rest of the sentence.

Typically, you will have to state one fact after the word “whereas,” and then use a comma to separate the first fact (or first part of a sentence) with the second fact (the second part of the sentence after the comma).

When using the word “whereas” in the middle of a sentence, the first part of your sentence will state a fact, and then there will be a comma. After the comma will come the second fact that is meant to contrast with the first fact.

What Are Some Examples Of Using Whereas At The Start Of A Sentence?

Below are some examples of sentences that use the word “whereas” at the beginning of a sentence correctly.

Ex: Whereas Tommy prefers food that is spicy, Jeanie cannot stand even the mildest hot sauce on the market.

Ex: Whereas California experiences warm weather the majority of the year, New York will experience all types of weather, including snow and freezing temperatures.

Ex: Whereas I decided to complete my Master’s degree, everyone else in my family dropped out of college.