What is the plural of status? Statuses?

Status is a word that comes from Latin. It has two meanings

1 The social position of a person in relation to others.

A doctor is a high-status job.

Aristocrats have a high social status.

2 The situation at a certain time during a process  

What is the status of the report?

What is the current status of the application?

Statuses and Status are both correct forms for the plural of status. Stattii and statii are incorrect. Statuses is more common for academic writing or when you need to distinguish between plural and singular. Status(as a plural) is more common in spoken English.

Statuses sounds strange to many English speakers so you can use the following sentences if you want to use status in the plural.

Can you give me an update on the status of the applications?

What is the current situation with the Alfonso report?

How many status updates do you need?

A good example of when you need to distinguish between plural and singular forms of status is in software development. For example, if you want to download the status of a single item or you need to download the statuses of multiple items.

Plural of status in American English, British English, and in Canada

The plural form of status is the same in all parts of the English speaking world(Status or Statuses).

However, the pronunciation of status has two different forms. The difference is in the a sound in æ and eɪ

Status /ˈstætəs/ 

This is similar to the a sound in cat.

Status /ˈsteɪtəs/

This is similar to the a sound in day.

Both forms of pronunciation are common and widespread in the English speaking world.

What is the plural of status quo?

The plural of status quo is status quo. There should be no need to make a plural of the status quo.