What Is An Example Of A “Street Address?”

Each element of your address serves a particular purpose, and when it comes to either sending mail or filling out professional documents, knowing each element is essential.

For example, when you are asked for your street address, you may think you need to write down your whole address, or just the name of your street. However, this means something specific, and seeing some examples of proper street addresses will ensure you don’t make a mistake when filling out important paperwork.

What Is A Street Address?

Your street address identifies the street where you physically live. This will usually consist of a number, which might be the number of your house or the number of your building or townhouse complex, and the name of your street. You might also have a unit number or suite number.

Your street address might be different than your mailing address, which will be where you want your mail to be sent. This could be because of personal preference, because of where you live, or a combination of the two.

Therefore, whenever you’re asked for your street address, be sure to give the address for where you are physically living.

What Is An Example Of A Street Address?

A few examples of a street address are:

123 Main Street East

Unit 6 – 22 Emerson Court

900 Elm Street

Why Would I Be Asked For My Street Address Specifically?

You might be asked to specify your street address in order to be able to establish where you actually live. This could be important for government documents, banking documents, and a plethora of other reasons. You may also be asked for your street address specifically in order to distinguish it from your mailing address or your current location.

The term “address” is pretty vague in and of itself, as you could technically have multiple addresses.

Each country also has its own unique ways of filling out a complete home or mailing address on documents or stationary, so giving someone your full address verbatim might end up being confusing for someone who isn’t from the same locality as you.

You will also be asked for your street address when you are contacting a service that either has to deliver something to your physical location, or you need a ride, such as an Uber or taxi, to be able to locate you at a specific address. This might be either where you live or where you currently are.