Subscribe or Subscribe to? Which is correct?

Subscribe or Subscribe to? Which is correct?

We use “subscribe to” when we have an object like “subscribe to me channel” but if there is no object you can just say “please subscribe”.

What that means is that if there is “something” that you need to subscribe to, then you need to use “to”.


Please subscribe to my magazine.

You need to subscribe to our newsletter to get updates. 

If you subscribe to Disney plus, you can watch all of the movies.

Subscribe for or subscribe to?

Usually, we use “subscribe to” when we mention the object that we are subscribing to(channel, newsletter), but we can also use “subscribe for” when we want to describe what you get when you subscribe.

You can subscribe for a free guide. (subscribing to the channel is implied)

Subscribe or subscription?

“Subscription” and “subscribers” are a little bit different.

A subscription is usually something that you pay for and receive something every month(or the continuous use of like a streaming service). 

I have a subscription to the Economist magazine, I receive a copy every week.

I have a subscription to Netflix.

Subscribers are people who subscribe to something but don’t necessarily pay for anything. It is more common to use subscribers in the context of newsletters or Youtube. 

Subscription for or to?

We usually use “subscription to” but I think “subscription for” is usually fine too.

Subscribe TO my youtube channel or subscribe my channel?

You should say “subscribe to my channel”.

Do you pay when you subscribe to someone?

You usually don’t have to pay for something when you subscribe to something like Youtube or a newsletter.