Thank You for The Call or Your Call? Which is correct?

When you receive a phone call, you may want to send a message to that person later letting them know that you are grateful for their call.

You can use either “thank you for the call” or “thank you for your call” when you want to send someone a message after a phone call. 

You can also say “thanks for calling” but that is slightly more informal. You cannot say “thanks for the calling or “thanks for your calling”.

Thank you for the call

We usually use “thank you for the call” at the end of a phone call when we want to show gratitude to another person for getting in touch. 

If you need to send an email we usually say “thank you for the call earlier” to let the person know which phone call you are talking about. 

Thank you for your call

“Thank you for your call” means exactly the same thing as “thank you for the call”. It also functions the same way. 

Sample email:

Hello John,

I  just wanted to thank you for your call earlier today. I learned a lot and I will try to complete the task that we talked about.

All the best,


Thanks for calling

“Thanks for calling” is slightly more informal and I would usually use this with someone I already have a good working relationship with. It is also perfectly acceptable for a work email but I would use “Thank you for the call earlier” if I were sending a message to my boss.