This or These Information? Which is correct?

When deciding on which demonstrative to use in front of the word ‘information’ you would choose to use ‘this’ instead of ‘these’. This is because the word ‘these’ is reserved for plural nouns while ‘this’ is used in front of singular nouns. 

The English language can be somewhat tricky at times. Continue reading further to learn more about the words ‘this’ and ‘these’, and examples of how to use each.

This and These

Both of the words ‘this’ and ‘these’ are both pronouns. Pronouns are words used in place of other nouns. She, he, it, this, and these are all examples of pronouns. The specific pronouns ‘this’ and ‘these’ both refer to nouns that are similar in space and time.

This and that are also demonstrative words. Demonstratives are words that we use in sentences to indicate nouns. They draw attention to other nouns that are close or far in time and place. Demonstratives distinguish between a car and this car. These, those, that, and this are the four most prevalent demonstratives in the English language.


The pronoun ‘this’ is a singular noun that is close in time or space. This is also used for uncountable nouns that are singular. When using the word ‘this’ in a sentence it must be followed by a singular noun. Some examples of sentences that use the word ‘this’ are

  • This dog needs to be washed because it smells.
  • I didn’t know that you needed this one.
  • We were told that this river had flooded recently.
  • My sister made pancakes this morning.
  • Our new year’s resolution this year is to visit every park in the city.


The word ‘these’ is another demonstrative but it is used as a pronoun for plural nouns. Without a plural noun after this word, the sentence cannot be grammatically correct according to the English language. Some examples of using the pronoun ‘these’ are

  • I didn’t know these flowers bloomed in the fall.
  • These cars do not get good gas mileage.
  • Do you know if these are the correct glasses?
  • Where should I put these shoes?
  • I think this shirt is too large for me.

This Information or These Information

Because the word information is singular(and uncountable), you will use the pronoun ‘this’ in front of it. Keep in mind that the word ‘information’ will almost always be singular and therefore this rule will not change.