today's meeting

Today’s or Todays? Which is correct?

We use today’s meeting to describe a meeting that is held today. Today’s meeting is correct.

We need the apostrophe s to show the possessive form. This means that the meeting belongs to today. The two words(today, meeting) are connected.

Todays(without the apostrophe) is not grammatically incorrect but it isn’t common in English. Todays is the plural of today but today is usually singular(it is one day). 

Why is it today’s meeting and not todays meeting?

We use the apostrophe s to show that the meeting and today are connected. Todays without the apostrophe is the plural of today. 

The plural of today is not very useful in English because there is only one today. 

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Today’s Date or Todays Date?

Today’s date is correct for the same reason as today’s meeting is correct as explained above.

What is today’s date?

More examples of today’s

I need to prepare for today’s meeting. It starts at eight.

What time does today’s concert start at?

Today’s weather looks nice.

What is today’s class?

Can we say today morning?

No, if you want to talk about the morning of today, you should use “This morning”.

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