Update ON, OF, TO, WITH or ABOUT? What is the correct preposition?

We can use update with many different prepositions including On, Of,To, With and About. The context can be slightly different. 

Update ON

We often use “Update on” when we are looking for a status update. “Update on” is used when we want to know the current or future situation.

Can you give me an update on the prisoner’s movements?

I need an update on how we are getting on with the Robinson report. 

Update TO

We use ”update to” when there is an update needed for technology (often with software).

You need to update to Windows 11.

I still haven’t updated to the latest model yet. 

Update OF

“Update of” is usually used when something needs to be modernised for a contemporary audience.

This is an update of an old English recipe.

Update WITH

We use “update with” when we need a continuous supply of either something physical or information.

Keep me updated with his movements.

I want to be updated with all of the latest technology.

Update ABOUT

“Update about” is used in the same contexts as “update on” but is less common.

I want to update about everything that happens.


Update can also be used without a preposition.

I just need an update whenever you get a chance.