what time is evening

What time does evening start?

The evening is usually from 5 pm until 9 pm but it can change depending on location, culture and the time of year. The beginning of the evening means that the sun is setting and it is a time to eat dinner or go out but not a time to sleep.

The time that evening begins can be different in different countries because of cultural and language differences.  In some languages, there is no word for “good evening” and the afternoon flows into the night. In English, the night usually means a period of complete darkness and a time to go to bed. “Good night” is an expression we only use when it is time to go home to go to bed.

The evening could mean a different time depending on whether it is summer in winter. In many countries, there is a big difference between when the sun sets in winter and in summer. In Ireland, the sun sets at 4 pm in winter and 11 pm in summer.

What time does the evening begin?

The evening begins at 5 pm. The afternoon begins at 12:01 pm just after noon but evening can be more difficult to say definitively what time it begins. Generally speaking, the evening begins at 5 pm.

What time does the evening end?

There is also no set time for the end of the evening. Some people say that the evening ends at 8 pm or 9 pm but I think people mean that the evening ends when it is time to go home.

For that reason, people often say at the end of a meal in a friend’s house “Thank you for a wonderful evening, I am going home, good night”

A grand stretch in the evening

“A grand stretch in the evening” is an Irish expression meaning that the days are getting longer and the summer is here.

In Ireland, the evenings start becoming longer(the sun sets later) in Spring time and many people use this expression to mean that they can spend longer outdoors.

Is 4 pm considered afternoon or evening?

4 pm is still the afternoon. The evening starts at 5 pm.

Is 5 pm considered afternoon or evening?

Yes, 5 pm is considered evening time in most countries.