Where IS or Where Are? Which is correct?

We use “where is “ when the following noun is singular and “where are” when the following noun is plural.


Where is my car? (Car is singular)

Where are my keys? (Keys are plural) 

Where is 

We use “is” with singular nouns. When we use “where is” we are usually looking for an object that we can’t find. 

Where is my phone? 

Where is my laptop?  

We also use “where is” when discussing the location of the birthplace of someone or a country on a map.

Where is Ronaldo from in Portugal?

Where is Bulgaria?

Where are

We use “where are” in the same situations except that the noun that we are referring to is plural.

Where are my phones?

Where are your parents from?

Where are the countries of Bulgaria and Romania?

Where is/are your mother and father?

It should be “where are your mother and father?”. Mother and Father are two words so we should use the plural “are”. It is possible to hear “where is your mother and father?” but I think that is because the person hasn’t formulated the sentence in their head and is expecting to say a singular noun.