What Is a Word for Someone Who Thinks They Are Always Right?

Self-righteous is a word for someone who thinks they are always right. Stubborn is the most common word for somebody who refuses to change their opinion about something.

This article describes some of the most accurate words to describe someone who thinks they are always right, plus reasons why people act this way and how to handle the situation.

Words to describe someone who thinks they’re always right

  • Self Righteous – someone who believes they are completely correct or morally superior
  • Stubborn – someone who will not change their opinion
  • Assertive – someone who has a forceful or confident personality
  • Dictatorial – someone who presents themselves in an autocratic manner
  • Adamant – someone who refuses to change their mind or be persuaded
  • Opinionated – someone who expresses conceited assertiveness
  • Insistent – someone who demands in a prolonged way
  • Peremptory – someone who is not open to challenge or appeal
  • Imperious – someone who is arrogant or domineering
  • Authoritarian – someone who favors personal freedom at the expense of strict obedience
  • Emphatic – someone who expresses their opinion forcibly
  • Uncompromising – someone who is unwilling to make concessions for others

Why do some people think they’re always right?

People could present themselves in a self-righteous manner to compensate for something. They could be struggling with low self-esteem that they want to hide from the public. For others, the reason for their egotistic personality may stem from a fragile ego. If they feel that their image has been dented, they make themselves appear bigger or smarter as a coping mechanism.

Another cause of self-righteousness is a personality disorder, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. People who suffer from this illness tend to feel that their opinions, ethics, or views are always correct. Generally, they won’t make an attempt to listen or understand the views of another person.

How to handle people who think they’re always right

Stay calm 

The most important thing is to not react in any untoward way. It can be frustrating dealing with people like this, especially if you know that they are in the wrong. However, arguing their point will only escalate the situation. If possible, try and get the person to reflect on their opinions so that they digest them themselves.

Find common ground

For the most part, we can choose the people we are associated with, but not always. If you do happen to come across a particularly self-righteous person, often you can just walk away. But if this person is your boss, a close family member, or a partner, it becomes much more difficult to avoid. You may not be able to change the person’s ways, but ensure that there is mutual respect and understanding in the relationship.

Be understanding

Lastly, understand that generally this person is not trying to be vindictive, but rather their self-righteousness stems from a place of self-doubt.