Write Me or Write to Me? Which is correct?

You might’ve overheard people saying “write me” and “write to me” and may have wondered which of those was grammatically correct. Turns out “write to me” is grammatically correct and acceptable in British English while “write me” is acceptable and widely used in American English. Read on to find out more about which of these phrases is correct!

“Write me” or “write to me”: some background

“Write me” and “write to me” mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably in American English. Americans popularly use “write me” to ask somebody to write to them. After all, if “call me” is acceptable, why isn’t “write me” acceptable too?

In British English, however, the phrase “write to me” is considered correct and “write me” is generally not accepted. The preposition “to” is important in British English and must not be omitted from the phrase. Without it, the phrase doesn’t make sense.

Which phrase is correct?

In a nutshell, both phrases are accepted in American English and it would be difficult to find an American who’d find fault with you for saying “write me.” But in British English, the phrase “write me” is grammatically incorrect and unacceptable. Brits say “write to me” and that is the only acceptable choice of the two.

Other cases in which “write me” is used

“Write me” is used in American English to ask somebody to write a letter to you. In that case, “write me” is a small, independent sentence on its own.

But “write me” can also be used as part of other, more complex sentences. A few examples of this are:

  • “I asked him to write me a letter as soon as he reached the hotel.”
  • “Can you write me a check instead?”

In these examples, the usage of the phrase “write me” is grammatically correct and acceptable. Notice here that now the phrase “write me” is not a separate sentence but instead a part of one.

Examples of correct usage of “write me” and “write to me”

Here are a few examples of the phrases “write me” and “write to me” to help you understand their usage better.

Write me (American English):

  • “I’ll miss you. Don’t forget to write me.”
  • “It was nice talking to you. Write me as soon as you can.”

Write to me (British English):

  • “Please write to me as soon as you reach home.”
  • “Take care of yourself and write to me whenever you can find the time.”