you're welcome

Is it Your welcome or You’re welcome? Which is correct?

You’re welcome is correct. “Your welcome” is usually not the phrase you are looking for when you are thanking someone. 

You’re welcome is a contraction of “you are welcome” 

“Your welcome” is a very common mistake in English because “your” and “you’re” sound very similar and have similar meanings.

“Your” is the possessive pronoun of you. This means that we use “your” when something belongs to “you”.

That is your car(you own the car).

“You’re” is the same as “you are”. It is a contraction which means we put two words together often when we are speaking.

The phrase “to be welcome” needs the verb “to be” to function and for that reason, the correct way to respond to “thank you” is “you’re welcome”.

When “Your Welcome” is Correct

There is a certain situation when “your welcome” is correct. This is when we talk about “welcome as a noun” and we want to describe that noun.

Your welcome was over the top.

While this is technically correct, I can’t remember a situation when I would use this so don’t confuse this with the most common response to thank you which is “you’re welcome”.

You Welcome

“You Welcome” is not correct and shouldn’t be used in English. you may hear some people saying “you welcome” but it isn’t generally considered correct.

You’re Welcome Origin

When someone says “Thank you,” the right way to answer is “You’re welcome.” It’s like a polite way of playing catch – someone throws a “Thank you” to you, and you throw a “You’re welcome” back to them. A long time ago, the words “You are welcome” started as “wilcuma” in old English, which was a friendly way of saying hello to guests.

Nowadays, there are many ways to respond when someone thanks you. Instead of “You’re welcome,” some people might say “No problem” or “Happy to help!” These are like saying “You’re welcome” in a more casual way. It’s like choosing different clothes for different occasions – sometimes you dress up, and sometimes you keep it chill.

Remember, saying “You’re welcome” or any of its friendly cousins is like giving a smile with your words – it shows you’re glad to help and that you care.

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You’re Welcomed? 

“You’re welcomed” is incorrect and should not be used. 

If you want to use” welcomed” then you would need to conjugate the verb “to be” correctly and it would be “you were welcomed”. This has a different meaning though.

You were welcomed to our city with open arms. 

You’re Welcome Alternatives

Here are some alternative phrases that you can say instead of “you’re welcome”.

  1. No problem.
  2. Not at all.
  3. Don’t mention it.
  4. It was nothing.
  5. I’m happy to help.
  6. Glad to assist.
  7. Anytime.
  8. It’s my pleasure.
  9. Of course.
  10. Sure thing.

20 Example sentences of “you’re welcome”

  1. “Thank you for holding the door.” – “You’re welcome!”
  2. “I appreciate your help with my homework.” – “You’re welcome, anytime.”
  3. “Thanks for the ride.” – “You’re welcome; I’m glad I could help.”
  4. “Thank you for the lovely gift.” – “You’re welcome, I hoped you would like it.”
  5. “Thanks for coming to my rescue.” – “You’re welcome, what are friends for?”
  6. “I’m so grateful for your support.” – “You’re welcome, I’m here for you.”
  7. “Thank you for the advice.” – “You’re welcome, I hope it helps.”
  8. “Thanks for cooking dinner.” – “You’re welcome, I enjoyed making it.”
  9. “Thank you for listening to me.” – “You’re welcome, I’m always here to listen.”
  10. “Thanks for the quick response.” – “You’re welcome, I didn’t want to keep you waiting.”
  11. “Thank you for the opportunity.” – “You’re welcome, we’re thrilled to have you on board.”
  12. “Thanks for cleaning up.” – “You’re welcome, I wanted to help out.”
  13. “Thank you for the birthday wishes.” – “You’re welcome, I hope you had a great day.”
  14. “Thanks for the coffee.” – “You’re welcome, I knew you needed a pick-me-up.”
  15. “Thank you for fixing my computer.” – “You’re welcome, glad I could solve the problem.”
  16. “Thanks for lending me the book.” – “You’re welcome, let me know how you like it.”
  17. “Thank you for your guidance.” – “You’re welcome, I’m happy to share my experience.”
  18. “Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me.” – “You’re welcome, I want to make sure you understand.”
  19. “Thank you for hosting the party.” – “You’re welcome, it was my pleasure.”
  20. “Thanks for being there for me.” – “You’re welcome, you know I’ve got your back.”