Is Yupper a word? Yuppers Meaning and Use

“Yupper” and “Yuppers” have the meaning of “Yes”. “Yupper” comes from the word “yup”. It is important to note that “Yupper” is a joke word and is very informal. You will only hear “yupper” from younger people engaged in a very informal conversation.

Is “Yupper” Rude?

I wouldn’t say that “yupper” is rude but I would not use it in a serious conversation. You can learn more about whether “yep” or “yup” are rude here.

Where Did “Yupper” Come from?

“Yupper” or “Yuppers” probably came from “Yup” which in turn came from “Yes”. People are always adding and changing words to make them have a different effect. In this case “yupper” is probably a way to make “Yes” cute and goofy.