The Best A.I Email Assistant to Help You Write Emails

A.I email assistants are excellent tools to speed up writing your emails. 

Chrome Extensions are definitely faster to work with as you can use these A. I email assistants in your email provider like Gmail. 

Let’s look at some of the best A.I email assistants for chrome, then look at some A.I writing tools that you can copy into your emails and finally discuss how you should use these tools.

Chrome Extensions


I am very impressed with the Flowrite tool and it is the best email assitant that I have tried. I like that you can preset information about yourself so that the tool knows your name and job so that you don’t have to input the same information every time.

Flowrite example 1

There are also presets for common emails that you need to send and the extension works very well with Gmail as you can see below.

Flowrite example gmail

Another thing that I like about Flowrite is that they can help you with the tone of your email which is one of the things that A.I writing isn’t great at. 


Jasper is one of the biggest and most popular A.I tools around at the moment and they have recently added a chrome extension that can help you write your emails. 

I asked Jasper to write a thank you email to Niall Doherty of EbizFacts:Jasper email eample

And this is the output that Jasper provided me.

Jasper email sampleAs you can see, this can really help you write longer emails especially if you are having a blank or don’t know how to write the correct words in English.   


Compose is a great little tool to have as a Chrome extension

The tool can:

  • Write complete emails
  • Autosuggest the next word or words
  • Rephrase sentences

I enjoy using the autocomplete function with compose. You can just hit “tab” and it will choose the most likely next word that fits your sentence. This can really speed up your email writing. Grammarly also have this feature coming out. 

The write the complete email feature wasn’t working when I tried it but hopefully, that will be fixed soon,

A.I writing assistants 

I find using the “chat” versions easier to write emails better as you can refine your email to 

Jasper Chat

JasperChat gave a very good email and probably better than the email from the Chrome Extension to be honest. 

Jasper Chat Email Example

The Jasper Chat software is great for longer more complex emails that you can write a prompt with exactly what you want included in the email. 


I find ChatSonic works a little better than ChatGPT at the moment because ChatGPT is always down due to high demand. ChatSonic can also keep up to date as it can search the internet. 

ChatSonic Email Example


I didn’t find the User interface all that friendly though and much preferred Flowrite. 


ChatGPT can write emails for your job and you can refine the emails by asking it to change them to what you want. You can then just copy and paste the email provided into your email provider. 

The only problems I have with ChatGPT is that it is often at capacity and you also need to edit your email a little bit more. 

Don’t forget to check and edit your emails

Always, Always read over and check your emails that are provided by A.I writing tools.

You should especially check where the tool has provided space for you to input your own relevant information.

An email that has human error is normal but people will not appreciate it if you send them an email that contains an obvious machine error. 

Tone and Repetition 

Tone and Repetition are two things that you need to look out for when using A.I tools to create emails. The tone can often seem a little formal and that is fine if it needs to be a formal email but you need to always ask for a friendly email. 

The A.I tools also often write more words than is necessary so you should ask them to be more clear and succinct if you want a better email. 

Email A.I prompt ideas

Here are some ideas of emails that you can use in your job:

  • Write an email to a client apologizing for a delay in their project delivery.
  • Write a thank you email to my boss for my recent promotion
  • Write an email to a coworker requesting a meeting to discuss a project proposal.
  • Write an email to a supervisor requesting time off for vacation.
  • Write an email to a vendor inquiring about pricing for a service or product.
  • Write an email to a job candidate informing them of their interview schedule.
  • Write an email to a customer thanking them for their purchase and inquiring about their satisfaction with the product.
  • Write an email to a colleague providing an update on a project they are involved in.
  • Write an email to a manager requesting feedback on a recent presentation.
  • Write an email to a client explaining a change in project scope or timeline.

Safari Email extensions

(Honestly, I don’t use Safari as I have Windows)


From the demo page of the Elephas website, you can see that it is quite easy to respond to emails and there is a nice feature to respond positively or negatively(as in I accept your invitation to interview would be a positive response). 

Test out Elephas here  


A.I writing tools are going to change the way we write emails. 

If, like most people, you spend a lot of time each day responding to people by email, then A.I email assistants will be able to make you far more productive at your job. 

There is a small learning curve to master the tools but it will be totally worth it.