How to Check if Students are Using Chat Gpt(+other A.I Writers)

New A.I tools like ChatGPT and Jasper are making it easier and easier to write essays and any written content. Students will try to take shortcuts and write their papers using this technology.

You can check if your student’s work was written with A.I by using A.I content detection tools like Winston A.I.They just updated their software and it they have a 99.98% detection rate of A.I written text. I tried everything I could to bypass it and it was always correct!

5 Tools to check if your students are using A.I tools like ChatGPT

As A.I writers like ChatGPT are only new, teachers are trying to tell if their students did their work themselves or used a LLM(Large Language Model) to do it for them.

Winston AI 

Winston AI  is an advanced content detection tool that uses artificial intelligence to detect originality and plagiarism in the text. It is designed for education and publishing and is considered the most powerful AI content detection solution available.

The tool is available for a free 7-day trial and can scan up to 2000 words. Accuracy is the most important thing for these tools and Winston AI has a 99.98% success rate at detecting AI content. I have tested it out with more than 50 texts and it has been correct every time. 

 You should try it out for yourself here on some of your student’s work.  


Passed.AI is a tool built especially for teachers to check if their students are using A.I tools like Chatgpt to do their assignments. works as a Chrome Extension that you can use within Google Docs. The student submits the assignment and you use to check if the text was written by A.I or not.

You will get a score like “100% A.I text” or “65% A.I text” or something like that. It is important to understand that this means the probability of the text being created by A.I is 65%.

Here is how Passed Ai works:

With a text alone, it is impossible to tell 100% if a text was created by humans or a machine. That is why there is also “history mode”. With “history mode” you can replay the text being added to the Google Doc. You can see if it was added all at once(copy and pasted from ChatGPT) or written sentence by sentence.

Try Passed.AI here


Orginality.AI is a new tool that is for web publishers to check if their writers are using A.I. When you use the tool, you need to turn off the plagiarism detector and test if the content is A.I written.Check students work for A.I The tool will give you a percentage of probability that the content is written with an A.I writer like ChatGPT or Jasper.

The Orginality.Ai algorithm works on the most up-to-date versions of Open AI’s language models like GPT3 and GPT3.5(Which ChatGPT runs on). Other A.I content detectors that you find on Google work up to GPT2(which is nowhere near as powerful as the later models).

Test out Orginality.AI here


CopyLeaks is a plagiarism tool that also has an A.I content detection tool. So far it didn’t work very well with my tests but it should hopefully improve over time as more and more A.I content is created and therefore the data from which the A.I content detectors will increase.

ChatGPT Zero/Buster.AI

There are many people trying to solve the problem of people passing off  A.I content as their own work and these two options are currently in Beta if you want to sign up for them and test them out when they are ready.

Important to Know about A.I content detection tools

You should know that there are no tools on the market that can tell definitively if a piece of text was written by A.I.  They can only tell if it is likely written by A.I by checking common writing patterns that A.I writers use.

There isn’t much point in checking every paper that your students give you with A.I content detectors but if you are suspicious about a student’s work, then they can be helpful to confirm your thoughts.

I certainly wouldn’t call a student out if one piece of work came up as A.I written but if they keep handing in work that doesn’t appear to be human-written.

Check out my favorite A.I writers

Plagiarism, Paraphrasing and A.I text

Honestly, A.I text is not the only thing you need to worry about as an educator. Plagiarism has long been a problem; most schools and universities already have a system set up to counteract it.

Paraphrasing tools like Quillbot basically rewrite texts with different words so that they pass plagiarism checks.

The good news is that the developers at OpenAi(who run ChatGPT) are working on a watermarking system that should help people to understand if the text was written with A.I.

Unfortunately, there always be ways to bypass A.I detectors so in-person exams will probably become more and more important in the future.