AI Tools for Education in 2023(For Teachers)

There are a lot of cutting-edge businesses developing AI tools. Let’s look at some of the best A.I tools for educators and teachers today.

A.I detection Tools

Many students are using tools like ChatGPT to write their essays for them. As a teacher, you should keep up to date with A.I detection tools like Passed.AI where you can check if a student used A.I to write their assignment.

They also have an A.I teacher assistant that can help you with your classroom activities. You can read more about how to tell if students are using A.I here.

Lesson Plan Generators

A.I Tools like ChatGPT are great for getting ideas and helping you to get started with your lesson plans. You can also use these tools to create games, worksheets, and anything that used to take a long time.

Here are some example tools that build on what ChatGPT does:

Education CoPilot


Virtual tutors

Virtual A.I tutors haven’t really arrived, but I can imagine a situation in the very near future where online avatars are presenting information to students. You can use software like Synthesia to create A.I teachers that deliver your information.

Question and Answer Chatbots

Teach Anything

Teach Anything allows you to ask questions and get answers in a way that makes it easy to teach something to someone

Exper ai

Exper Ai is basically a chatbot that you can chat with and works similarly to ChatGPT. You can ask the Chatbot different questions and it will give you the answers you need.

Ivy Chatbot

An AI-powered chatbot suite developed with higher education in mind, Ivy helps with application paperwork, enrollment, tuition charges, deadlines, and other aspects of the university process. Ivy’s capacity to use data for strategic recruiting planning is also noteworthy.


Gradescope is a tool that simplifies the grading process. The A.I assistance allows you to get suggested answers so that you can save time when you are grading papers.


Explain Paper lets you upload a research document and it will help you understand parts that you find difficult to undestand. lets you get evidence-based results for information that you are writing your paper about.


A.I tools are only at the beginning and many new tools will be launched over the next few years. I am personally very excited to see how A.I tools will change education and bring more personalized learning.