AI Tools to Use at Work(for your Job) in 2024

AI is changing the way we work in 2023. You don’t need to be scared that an AI tool will take your job(except maybe if you transcribe Youtube videos!) but you do need to embrace new tools to help you work more efficiently. 

At the moment ChatGPT is the best all-round tool that can do many things but there are also many tools that are built on top of it that can be used for specific tasks.

If you are interested, I made an entire course on how to use AI tools at work. You can find it here.

Here is a list of tools that most people will need in their working life:

General Work


Why use it?

Email writing Flowrite Include what you want to say and automatically create an email.
Proposal Writing ChatGPT+ BetterProposal Improve your writing and use templates. Read more about creating proposals with A.I here.
Presentation Creation  ChatGPT+ Synthesia Get Chat GPT to create a script and use an A.I avatar to read it for you. 
Summarize Meetings and Documents A meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries.
Google Sheets Coefficient Use ChatGPT in Google Sheets to help you build formulas and manipulate data

The Tools above should help every worker to become more efficient in doing their job. Each tool has a learning curve, so I recommend learning one new skill per week. Here is a sample plan for integrating A.I tools into your work.

Day Work Tasks
Week 1  Email
  • Sign up for Flowrite
  • Make a list of which emails will make sense to use the tool
  • Learn how to use the tool properly
Week 2  Meetings
  • Sign up for
  • Integrate with Zoom
  • Test on a meeting to see which functions suit you better
Week 3 Presentations
  • Signup for Tome
  • Create a slideshow with generative A.I
  • Decide if you want a video presentation with Synthesia 
Week 4 Writing
  • This may be highly dependent on your job.
  • Check out the templates from Jasper to see if they apply to you.

Marketing A.I tools

Marketing(like many jobs) is being completely transformed by A.I tools. Here are some tools that will help you improve your workflow.

Writing Blog Posts Jasper Create Blog Posts automatically for your website.
Social Media Marketing Jasper Create months of content for your social media in minutes
LinkedIn Taplio Create content for LinkedIn faster with AI
Image Creation Dalle 2 Ask for any image you want! (Only limited by your imagination!)
Video Creation ChatGPT+Invideo

FlexClip or

Get a script and create a video for your company automatically. Use for editing videos. For more AI video tools, check out this list. 
Translation DeepL Translate any document with excellent quality

Sales A.I tools

Sales is also going to change a lot with the invention of all of these A.I tools. Here is a section of A.I tools that can help you work in Sales.

Copywriting  Jasper Write copy that sells faster with an A.I writer that creates content quickly for you. 
Sales Leads Seamless Use A.I to get more sales leads
Sales Letters/Email Simplified Simplified has specific templates that you can use to write your Sales Letters 
Video Outreach  Tavrus Create Personalized video outreach videos for your sales leads.