How to Answer “How are you today?”

It is perfectly acceptable to answer the question “How are you today?” with a one-word answer such as “great” or “good”. 

How are you today?

Great! And you?

“How are you today?” is a question that people ask at the beginning of a conversation to help get the rhythm of a conversation going. 

You are not expected to give a long answer unless the person knows that you had a problem in the recent past. If you had a problem in the recent past(such as being sick), then you can give an update on your problem and go into further detail.

How are you today? (knows that you were sick yesterday)

Oh, I am feeling much better today. My sore throat is gone and I feel more or less back to normal. 

How are you today or How are you?

“How are you today?”  can be used in the same context as “How are you?” as a general greeting or inquiry into a person’s health or state of being.

“How are you today?” might be more suitable if you saw the person yesterday or the previous night when you are asking for an update on a person’s health. The addition of “today” lets the person answering the question know that it is a good idea to compare how they were feeling yesterday with today. 

How are we today?

“How are we today?” can be used as a greeting directed at a group but also at a single person. When “How are we today?” is directed at a single person it can come across as arrogant and condescending 

How are you today? interview reply

When you are asked “How are you today?” in an interview, it is perfectly acceptable to answer the question the same way as you would answer “How are you?”.

There is no pressure to answer this question in a perfect way and the interviewer is just trying to make you feel more comfortable and less nervous.  Read more about how are you doing here