Any Question or Any Questions? Which is correct?

“Any Questions” is much more common in English and is used to allow more than one question to be asked. “Any question” is also possible(though less common) and limits the choice of questions to one. 

I don’t know any question that could be asked that would solve this problem. 

Do you have any questions?

“Any” is usually used in the negative or in questions and you can learn more about how to use “any” here. 

Any Questions

“Any Questions” is often asked at the end of a speech and is short for “do you have any questions?” or “Are there any questions?”.

The word “any” is usually followed by a plural noun because “any” means that we have no objects

I don’t have any cars.

I don’t have any dogs.

In the case of “Do you have any questions?”, we don’t know if one or more questions exist. If we used “any question” in this situation, that would mean that there is only one question that could be asked. 

Any Question

We use “any question” when there is a specific question that the speaker has in mind. It is not to be used after a presentation when you want to know if there are questions from the audience.


If I ask you any question, you will answer it for me.

In the example above, you may ask one of many questions and because it is only one question, “question” is singular. 


I don’t think there was any question that he was the best player on the pitch. 

In this example, “any question” means that “no one could question”.

Any Questions Reply

When someone asks “ do you have any questions?” after a speech or at the end of an interview, it is an invitation for you to ask any related question that might not have been covered. 

Speech Example 

…….and that shows the prevalence of string theory. Any Questions?

Yes, I have one, is super-asymmetry string theory the same as symmetry string theory?

Interview Sample Reply

Thank you for your time, Johnathon, Do you have any questions for us?

Yes, Thank you too. One question, What is the starting salary?

Any Questions Let me know

“Any questions let me know” is a phrase that people use when they are finishing a conversation and want to tell the other person that they are invited to ask questions if they have any doubts. 

“Any questions let me know” is often used in the context of someone helping someone(in a situation like training) and can be used at the beginning or at the end of the conversation.

If you need to reply to “Any questions let me know” you can say “ok, I will” or “great, will do”.

Is there any questions or are there any questions?

We use:

Are there any questions?

Is there any question?

Note that “is there any question” usually forms part of a larger sentence.

Is there any question about his commitment to the club?

Does anyone have or any questions?

You can use either “Does anyone have any questions?” or simply “Any questions?”