“Just So You Know” Meaning and Use

The phrase “just so you know” is often used when you want to correct someone. “Just so you know” means that the other person should know something.

“Just so you know” can come across as aggressive but it can also be used in a neutral manner. It is important to control the tone of your voice if you do not want to come across as aggressive.

There are so many people from China here.

Just so you know, my father is from China.  

Is it rude to say “just so you know”

It can be rude to say “just so you know” depending on the context and tone of your voice. People often use “just so you know” when they are correcting someone who said something mildly offensive and they want to give their own point of view.

“Just so you know” can come across as passive-aggressive because you are correcting someone with anger in your voice but you are not really mentioning that you are upset.

It is important to note that it is not always rude. People also use “just so you know” when there is no context and you want to share something that another person may not be aware of.

Just so you know, the boss is not in today. 

Is it grammatically correct to say “just so you know”

Yes, it is grammatically correct to say “just so you know”. It is usually a phrase that people use in spoken English rather than in written communication. It is also slightly informal and unlikely to be used in formal writing.   

What’s another way to say “just so you know

Formal alternatives:

  • For your attention
  • You should be aware of
  • In case you are not aware
  • I should mention that

Informal alternatives:

  • Just to let you know
  • You know…