Aren’t We Meaning (Question Tag + Aren’t we all)

We can use “aren’t we” at the beginning of a sentence as a question or at the end of a sentence as a question tag.

Aren’t We…. At the beginning of a Sentence

We use “aren’t we” at the beginning of a sentence in a situation where we thought something else was planned.

  • We are going to the supermarket later tonight.
  • Aren’t we supposed to meet Jane for a drink at 9?


  • Are you bringing your set square to the exam?
  • Aren’t we supposed to only bring a calculator?

As you can see “aren’t we supposed to” is a common construction because you are doubting what the other person said. 

Aren’t We? (Question Tag at the end of a sentence)

“Aren’t we” can also be used at the end of a sentence when it is used as a question tag. A question tag is used when you want to confirm something. 

  • We are going to meet John and Patricia later, aren’t we?
  • This traffic is insane! We are going to be late for the party, aren’t we.

You can use a question mark when the question tag has a higher level of doubt. The meaning in the second sentence shows that the speaker is confident that they will be later for the party. 

Aren’t we all meaning

We use “aren’t we all” in English when we respond in agreement to a desire that someone states. We also mean that we think everyone has this desire. We use this when the person uses the verb “to be”.

I am trying to be good and not eat any sweets.

Aren’t we all!

We use “don’t we all” when you any other verb apart from “to be”.