Don’t We All (Meaning and Usage)

“Don’t we all” is a response in English. We use “Don’t we all” in English when we respond in agreement to a desire that someone states. We also mean that we think everyone has this desire.

“Don’t we all” Examples

I wish I could go to the beach every day instead of working!

Don’t we all!

I want to have a huge house and a nice car one day

Don’t we all!

I want to travel around the world for one year!

Don’t we all

Notice that we use “Don’t we all” when the desire expressed is something that everybody would like to do. It is implied that the person stating the desire usually does not recognize that everyone else would also like to fulfill that desire.

Don’t we all or Aren’t we all

We use “don’t we all” when the person describes what they wish with any verb except the verb “to be”. If they use the verb “to be”, then the correct response is “aren’t we all”.


I want to live in a cool city

Don’t we all!


I am trying to get into a good college.

Aren’t we all!