How to Ask Someone to Call You Via Email

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you simply cannot express all of your thoughts efficiently via email. When this happens, you’ll likely need to orchestrate a phone call in order to communicate clearly.

To ask someone to call you via email, you’ll want to be clear about the tone and subject of the call. Offer a direct method of contact and your availability for best results.

Here’s how to ask someone to call you via email.

How to Ask Someone to Call You Via Email

To politely ask someone to call you via email, you’ll want to address the idea in the subject line, as well as what the call would be about.

You’ll want to clarify the tone of the call immediately; some people may be worried that they will be in trouble or that they have done something wrong, which can make them unduly anxious if you only wanted to offer more information.

The email itself should be relatively short and to the point. Clarify that you would like to talk, offer a reason why a call would be best for this, and offer your contact information and availability. Then sign off politely.

Because of the modern prevalence of digital call applications like Zoom, you’ll want to specify which calling method would be best for you – phone or digital meeting.

In the cases of sensitive information, you’ll want to clarify in the email that you may not be allowed to send information to them via email and you must call to confirm their identity. This is usually the case for high-profile business dealings or medical information.

Asking for A Call Email Template

Here’s how a casual ask for a call might be constructed.

SUBJECT: Can you call me about [Topic] please?

Hi [Name],

I wanted to discuss [Topic] with you in more detail, and I feel I can best do that over the phone. So, would you please call me via [Preferred Venue] at [Contact Number or Link]? My availability is [Days, Times], so anytime in that window works for me.



Here’s what a more serious ask for a call might look like.

SUBJECT: Call to Discuss [Topic]

Hello [Name],

I want to discuss [Topic] with you. Due to [Reason], I believe this is best done over call. Please call me via [Method] at [Contact Information]. My availability is [Days, Times]. I would prefer to hear from you sooner rather than later.

Thank you,


Here’s what asking for an identity-confirming call might look like.

SUBJECT: Identity confirmation for [Reason]

Hello [Name],

Due to the sensitive nature of the information regarding [Topic], I would like to speak to you over the phone to confirm your identity and relay this information securely. Please contact me via [Method] at [Contact Information]. My availability is [Days, Times].

Thank you,


In the use of any of these templates, feel free to adjust the wording to match your unique situation and relationship to the recipient.