How to Ask Someone to Review Something Via Email

Reviews are an excellent way to build your business’s reputation and social visibility; research suggests that consumers see reviews as a primary factor in the decision-making process when making a purchase.

To get reviews via email, you’ll want to present your email concisely and clearly, offer a direct method for reviewing, thank your recipient, and offer another way for them to interact with your business. You’ll also want to be careful not to appear as spam.

Here’s what you need to know about asking for reviews via email.

How to Ask Someone to Review Something Via Email

When asking for reviews, your email should be concise and offer two direct calls to action: write a review and work with us again.

In the introduction and subject line, you’ll want to specifically reference the product, service, or experience that the recipient received or participate in in your introduction so that they know who the email is coming from immediately. After that, you’ll want to politely ask the recipient to leave a review for their product, service, or experience.

If possible, include a direct link to the review venue that you prefer – the Amazon sales page, your company website, travel review sites, etc. – in the email to direct your recipients toward. This gives them a clear next step and a way to take it.

Keep in mind that long links with uncommon domains or suffixes (something other than .com or .org) may be seen as spam, so are unlikely to be clicked. That being said, shortened links (in the style of are also commonly used by scammers. Try to ensure that your link is as clear and readable as possible.

From there, thank the recipient for interacting with your business and invite them to interact with you again in some way. When signing off, you can choose to either use your name and title or simply sign off using the company name.

Template to Ask Someone to Review Something Via Email

Here’s what an email asking for a review might look like. Feel free to adjust the template to match your specific business, branding, and voice.

SUBJECT LINE: Review Us – Thanks for shopping with/working with [Company]!

Hello [Name],

Thank you for your recent purchase/participation in/of [Company]’s [Services/Product]. We highly appreciate your business and would love to know your thoughts.

If you have any feedback for us or would like to share your experience with our community, we ask that you please review us on/at [Review Venue]. We have provided a link for your convenience:


Of course, we would be happy to see you again soon. If you enjoyed your product/service/experience, we recommend exploring [Service/Product/Experience]. It is [Description], and is available at/on [Venue]. Check the link below for more information.


Thank you again,


You may choose to use this template as a form email that can be sent automatically to your customers post-purchase. If you choose to do that, ensure that your emailing software allows for personalization, so that you can address recipients by name.