Assesment or Assessment? Which is correct?

You are typing a memo and you get to that word. The kind of word you can’t sound out. Is it “assesment” or “assessment,” Which way is correct?

Spelling the word “assessment” with two “S’s” is the correct spelling. “Assessment” is from the root verb “assess,” so spelling the word like “assesment,” with one “S,” is viewed as grammatically incorrect. 

It is easy to misspell “assessment” because the pronunciation of the word can be quick, which can make the word sound like “assesment.” Keep reading to learn more about why “assessment is the correct spelling.

What Does “Assessment” Mean?

Assessment is the noun form of the root verb “assess,” which can mean to evaluate, judge or test.


  • We need to stop and assess the situation before we act irrationally.
  • They have to assess her academic level before they can choose her teacher.

Notice that in both sentences, the action word, or verb, is “assess,” which you can exchange with “evaluate” in the first example and “test” in the second example.

An “assessment” is the noun variant of “assess.”


  • You have to take this assessment before we can hire you for the job.
  • She left after she failed the assessment.

Notice that “assessment” in these two examples is a thing, not an action. The “ment” at the end of “assess” changes the word from a verb to a noun.

Why Is It “Assessment” and Not “Assesment”?

You say “assessment” instead of “assesment” because you do not drop the double consonant at the end of “assess.”

The “ss” on the tail of “assess” helps to make the “short e” sound in the word. It also helps to create the illusion of a “z” at the end of the word.


  • I couldn’t find the words to express my love.
  • The snake likes to hiss when they sense food.
  • The children were playing in the grass.

Notice that the vowels preceding the double consonant are all short-sounding vowels.

The double consonant doesn’t go away when it becomes a noun because it has to maintain the integrity of the world.

Final Thoughts

“Assesment,” by all accounts, is a misspelling of the word “assessment.” Although the two words sound the same, that second “s” matters and is necessary to tell the reader how to pronounce the short vowel just before it. So make sure you add that extra “s.”