Backround or Background? Which is correct?

You are doing a writing assignment and you want to write about someone’s past. You have heard people in verbal conversation use the word “backround,” but you are sure if you should write “backround” or “background.”

The correct word to write is “background.” Although you may hear people pronounce the word as “backround” in verbal conversation, the correct way to say and write the word is “background.”

People speak with different word pronunciations and the word “background” is no exception. Keep reading to learn more about why may confuse “background” with “backround.”

What Does “Background” Mean?

You can use “background” in a lot of different ways. It can be either a noun (a thing, in this case) or a verb (an action word)

A “background” on your computer can be the personalized screen that lies on your main desktop screen.


  • I love your new desktop background, I need to change mine.

A person’s past is also considered their “background” in English.


  • The kid has a pretty sad background. He lost both parents in a car accident when he was 5 years old.

So far, in the last two examples,  “background” has been in the form of a noun. There are, however, some cases where you can use “background” as a verb.


  • Susan backgrounded her career when she decided to stay home and raise her children.

Notice that “background” is now the action word in the sentence. Susan is doing the action of backgrounding her career so that she can raise her children.

Why Do Some People Say “Backround”?

You will find that people say “backround” more in spoken language than in written language. In writing, saying “backround” is incorrect and there is no instance where it would be considered correct.

Spoken language, however, is different and you may hear some people omit the “g” in “background.”


  • Speaker 1: Where is Allyson?
  • Speaker 2: She is right there, just hanging in the backround.

Although this can be common, it is not really socially accepted and some people may assume that those who omit the “g” have limited educational experience.

Final Thoughts

“Background” and “backround” are very similar in spoken English, especially if the speaker is speaking quickly. English speakers tend to speak quickly sometimes, and some people who may seem as if they are skipping the “g” in “background” really aren’t.

Others may have heard someone who sounded like they were saying “backround” in conversation and thought that this was the correct way to say and spell the word. Either way, “background” is the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word.