Is it “Be Rest Assured” or ”Rest Assured”? Which is correct?

Is it “Be Rest Assured” or ”Rest Assured”? Which is correct?

“Rest assured….” is correct. You do not need to use the verb “to be” with the verb phrase “rest assured”

Be rest assured or rest assured?

“Rest assured” is all you need for this expression. You do not need to include the verb “to be” because we already have the verb “to rest”

In this case “to rest” means to stay or remain.

“Rest” is a verb in the imperative tense. It is an order and in this case, it is a polite order. You can read more about the imperative here

“Assured” is an adverb and therefore adds meaning to the verb “rest”

The subject in this sentence is “you” but because “rest” is in the imperative tense you do not need to use the subject pronoun.

Why do people think of “Be rest assured”?

People often use “Be rest assured” because “assured” can also modify the verb “to be” but you can’t use both the verbs “to be” and “ to rest” with “assured”

You can be assured that I will be here when I get back. 

Rest assured Meaning

“Rest Assured” means that something will happen and you don’t need to worry anymore about it. 

Rest assured the problem has been solved and you will receive your new computer tomorrow.

Rest assured your husband is okay, it’s nothing serious.

Rest assured Use

“Rest assured” is much more common in formal or business English.

“Rest assured” is not common in informal spoken English but it is a common expression in spoken business English especially when trying to apologize for a mistake. 

There was a mix-up with your order but rest assured it will arrive shortly. 

Rest assure or Rest assured?

“Rest assured” is correct. In this case, we need the adverb form of the word “assure” so “assured” is the correct form.

When people speak “rest assured” it can be difficult to hear the “d” sound at the end of the word.

What is another way to say rest assured?

Other ways to say “rest assured” include:

  • You don’t need to worry.
  • You can trust me, everything will be alright. 
  • Please believe me that it will get sorted.