Borned or Born? Which Is Correct?

“Born” is the correct word to use. “Borned” is not the correct spelling of the word and is also not correct in a sentence. “Borned” is a non-standard way of saying “born”.


The word “born” is a past-tense verb of “to be born” that is used to explain the process of something coming into existence. It is most commonly used in sentences to refer to the act of a baby being brought into existence by its mother.

This word can also be used to describe someone who was meant for the outcome they have achieved or plan to achieve in life. It still has the actual meaning of the word included in this context as well.

You can use “born” in a sentence in the following examples:

My nephew was born yesterday

I was born on December 27th.

It was then, back in 2007, that the concept of the iPhone was born and announced to the general public.

He was born for greatness.

She’s a born chef, making the best dishes in town!


“Borned” is a misspelling of this word and is mostly used in spoken language more than written language. In the age of social media where anyone can write something and post it anytime, this word ends up replacing “born” in some contexts expected to mean the same thing.

These words can be mixed up very often when someone is trying to refer to something being “born” but using the suffix “-ed” which can be attached to verbs. Words like “mended” and “trapped” are a couple of examples of this suffix being used.

When “borned” is used, it usually has the conjunction “got” preceding it. This conjunction is used to join the word to the rest of the sentence. It uses “got” in the wrong context where the word would usually refer to something being received or given to someone or something.

In conclusion, “born” is the correct way to refer to the act of “being born”. “Borned” is less common and incorrect but it is still used in the same context and in vastly different ones as well. Both words can be used but only one is correct, that being “born”.