The Meeting Is Brought Forward or Pushed Back? What’s the Difference? 

When you say, “the meeting is brought forward,” you are bringing the date and/or time sooner than initially planned. To use “the meeting is pushed back,” you are extending the date and/or time later than initially planned. The difference is a matter of time. Forward means sooner and back means later.

So, in the event of using either phrase, there will already be a meeting planned. It suggests a change or shift in the meeting’s schedule for one reason or another.

“The Meeting Is Brought Forward”

When you want to reschedule a meeting to a date and/or time closer than what was established, you will use the phrase, “the meeting is brought forward.” Consider the examples below.

The meeting is brought forward from Thursday to today at 3 pm.

The CEO said the meeting is brought forward because his vacation starts on Friday.

Mrs. Parker instructed that the meeting be brought forward.

“The Meeting Is Pushed Back”

For indicating a change away from a meeting’s original time and/or date, you will say, “the meeting is pushed back.”

The meeting is pushed back to next Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Jones indicated the meeting is pushed back to a later time because of his wife’s car accident.

The Human Resources Department insisted the meeting is pushed back to next month.

Incorrect Use of the Phrases

Now that you understand more about the differences between these phrases, it’s a good idea to study how they can be incorrect. As you read them, say them aloud so you can hear how it sounds.

The meeting is brought forward to next Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Parker; Mr. Jones indicated the meeting is pushed back to today rather than tomorrow.

Mnemonic Device

The best way to remember the difference between saying, “the meeting is brought forward” versus “the meeting is pushed back” are the last words of the phrases: “forward” and “back.”

Forward = sooner or closer (as supported by “brought”)

Back = far away or at a distance from (as supported by “pushed”)


The difference between “brought forward” or “pushed back” is the element of time in regards to rescheduling a meeting. If you want to say the meeting is sooner, “the meeting is brought forward” and if the meeting is going to be later, you’ll use, “the meeting is pushed back.”