Cite Sources or Site Sources? Which is correct?

“Cite sources” is the correct phrase in English. “Site sources” is incorrect and should not be used in English. 

To Cite Meaning and Uses

“To Cite” means to quote or reference something. We often use “cite” to show proof that something is correct. We use “cite sources” when we want to prove that what we are writing is correct.

“Cite sources” is often used when we are writing a thesis or an essay. 

You need to correctly cite sources in your appendix.

Your thesis needs to cite sources in APA format or Chicago style.  

Site Meaning and Use

A “site” has two meanings. It is an area of construction and it is the short form of a website.

Do we have to work on-site this week? 

I have to work on my (web)site this week.  

What about Sight?

“Sight” means “vision” and is usually related to the word “eyesight”.

His sight was affected by the accident.