Convenient or Convenience? Which Is Correct?

You have a conversation with a friend and want to say that something was really easy or straightforward. The problem is, you can’t decide if it is correct to use “convenient” or Convenience.” Which one of these words is correct?

If you are describing something as simple, easy, or straightforward, you can use the adjective form “convenient.” If you are doing something for someone to make their lives easier, you may want to use the noun form of the word “convenience.”

Both “convenient” and “convenience” are correct words to use, but it demands on the context in which you use them. Keep reading to learn more about how to use these two words in English conversation.

What Does “Convenient” Mean?

“Convenient” is a very useful phrase that you can use when you are describing something that when smooth than you excepted.


  • The layout of the airport is very convenient. If you miss your turn, you can just take the next one and go to the same place.
  • This college website is convenient for people who have never visited before. Everything is so clearly labeled.

Notice that the speaker is describing the type of airport and website it is, so the word takes on the form of an adjective.

What Does “Convenience” Mean?

“Convenience” is the noun form of “convenient,” so in this case, you use the word like a thing. “Convenience” is an object that people can give to others or take for themselves. In most cases, you will likely hear someone say “convenience” informal settings or when you buy something online.


  • For your convenience, I have taken the liberty of running your bathwater.
  • You will be charged a convenience fee for ordering this product online, instead of buying in-store.

Notice that no one is talking about how “convenient” something is. They are making your life easier, so they are providing you with a “convenience.”

Final Thoughts

Both “convenient” and “convenience” are correct to use in the English language. If you want to use “convenient,” you would use it as a description word, and it doesn’t matter if the style of speech is casual or formal.

If you want to use “convenience,” you would use this form as a noun. You may hear this were more from servers or in other formal situations. Also, watch out for those convenience fees online. They are a killer.