What’s The Difference Between All The Time and Every Time?

All the time vs Every time

All the time means that something happens constantly and at all times. Every time is on each occasion that you try something, something else happens.

Let’s look at some examples

I play football all the time. (very often)

Every time I play football, I hurt my leg. (On each occasion you play football, you hurt yourself)

All the time

“All the time” means that something happens very frequently. We use it to speak generally that someone repeats an action and can be used to say that this repeated behavior is not good.


He goes to the cinema all the time.

He thinks about work all the time.

He stays out late all the time and never comes home.

Every time 

“Every time” means that in each case that you try or do something, something else happens.


Every time I go to the cinema, the seat is dirty.

Every time I try to talk to him, he is thinking about work.

Every time he goes out, he stays out late.

What is the difference between Everytime and Every time?

Everytime is incorrect. You need to put a space between the two words.

What is the difference between Each and Every?

Each and Every have similar meanings but sometimes they are used differently. 

Each is often used with one or two objects:

He wears a watch on each arm! (you can’t use every here) 

Every is used for a group of objects that we talk of as one. 

Every man likes cars.

Sometimes when we talk of more than three or more objects, you can use both.

Each day is the same.

Every day is the same. (this is more common)

Each time I do my homework, I make a mistake.

Every time I do my homework, I make a mistake. (More common)

What does Every Single Time mean?

We use this for emphasis often to show frustration. 

Is it all the time or all of the time?

You can use all of the time too but all the time is more common.


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