Do you use a singular or plural verb with Dollar?

We use a singular verb with a specific number of dollars. We use a plural form of “dollar” when we talk about dollars in general. 

With specific numbers

When you have a specific number of dollars like 5 or 17, you should use a singular verb.


15 dollars is a lot of money to some people

1,000,000 dollars is so much money!

With vague numbers

When you are talking about dollars in general or a vague number of dollars, you should use a plural form of the “dollar”.


Dollars are used in Ecuador.

Thousands of dollars were found under his bed. 

With “the dollar” the currency

The name of the currency of the United States of America is “the dollar”. We use a singular verb with “the dollar”.

The dollar is the most held currency in the world.

The dollar is also used in other countries as a reserve currency

Does dollar have a plural?

Yes, the word “dollar” has a plural and it is “dollars”.

I have one dollar.

I have six dollars.

We only use the plural “s” when we talk about specific numbers of dollars.

Dollar Is or Are?

You can use both “is” and “are” with the word “dollar”.

Is a dollar worth much in euros?

Is the dollar worth investing in? (the currency)

Are there any dollars on the table?