Euro or Euros? What is the correct plural of Euro?

The singular of the word euro is euro as in “1 euro”. The plural of “euro” can be either “euro” or “euros”. 


That will be 6 euro/6 euros, please.

Is it 2 euro or 2 euros?

Singular Euro

If you are talking about one euro, then you always use “euro”.


Gimme a euro will ya?

I just need one euro to buy a coffee here.

Plural Euro/Euros

When it comes to the plural of “euro”, it gets a little bit more difficult. I have heard both “euros” and “euro” used for the plural of “euro” in my home country of Ireland.


It cost me 100 euro to get my car fixed.

It cost me 100 euros to get my car fixed.

You can use either “euros” or “euro” as the plural of “euro”. This is different from other money like dollars where we use “one dollar” and “two dollars”.

Euro the currency

When you are talking about “the euro” as the currency, you should only use “euro”.

The Euro is getting stronger every day. 

Vague Numbers

With vague plural numbers like “millions of euro”, you can also use either  “millions of euro” or “millions of euros”. 


Millions of euro were stolen from the company.

Is Euro countable or uncountable?

The word “euro” is countable. Countable nouns are nouns that we can count easily.

I have one euro.

I have two euros.

I have three euros.

Should Euro be Capitalized?

You should capitalize “euro” when you are referring to the currency.

The Euro is the currency of the European Union.

There is no need to capitalize “euro” when you are using it as money.

I have 10 euros in my back pocket.