Bests or Best? Can you use Bests in an Email?

Bests is not a common way to finish an email. Some people do finish an email with “Best” as a shortened form of “Best Regards” or “Best wishes”.

Example email

Hello David,

Your work is an inspiration to us all.



Is it correct to say Bests?

No, it is not correct to close an email with “bests”. It is certainly not a common practice. People do sometimes close an email with “best”. This is just a short form that people use when they are in a hurry. It gets the point across that you want to say something like “Best wishes” or “Best regards”.

How do you end a professional email?

You can end a professional email in many ways including:

  • Sincerely
  • Regards
  • Warmest regards
  • Kind regards
  • Thank you
  • Best wishes
  • Best regards

Best Regards/Best wishes

Best wishes and Best regards are two very common ways to end an email. They are both perfectly acceptable in almost any situation.  

Bests vs Best

In English grammar,” bests” is not a form of the adjective “best”. The word “best” is the superlative form of the word “good”. 

“Bests” is the third person singular form of the verb “to best” someone. The verb “to best” someone means to get the better of someone. It is not very common to use “best” as a verb as people usually use the verb “to beat someone” or “to get the better of someone”.


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