Hardwork or Hard work? Which is correct?

Hard work is the correct spelling. You should always use two words to spell Hard work. Hardwork is incorrect and should not be used in English. 

Hard work is good for you!

I don’t like hard work.

Hard work Meaning

Hard work means to engage in rigorous work that is difficult. Some examples of hard work are digging a hole with a spade or picking potatoes. Hard work can also be work that needs a lot of mental exertion. 

Hard Work or Work Hard?

The difference between hard work and work hard is the function of the words grammatically in the sentence. 

In “hard work”. “Hard” is an adjective and “work” is a noun.

What do you do if you don’t like hard work?

In “work hard”, “work” is a verb and “hard” is an adverb. 

I work hard every day.    

Is Hard work one word or two words?

Hard work should be two words. Hardwork is incorrect and should not be used in English. 

Is Hard work hyphenated?

There is no need to put a hyphen in hard work when we use hard work as a noun.

Hard-working is correct when we want to use the adjective form. Remember we use an adjective to describe a noun and that noun usually follows the adjective.

Examples of hyphenated adjective

Hard-working parents

Hard-working students

Hard-working or Hardworking? 

In fact, you can use either hard-working or hardworking as an adjective to describe someone who works hard.

She is very hard-working.

She is very hardworking.