Experience With or In?

Experience With or In? (What about “On” or “Of”)

The noun “experience” can be used with the prepositions “with”,” in”, and “of” depending on the context. 

  • We use “experience in” for the context of a field of study or work.
  • We use “experience with” to describe the tools you use.
  • We use “experience of” for personal physical experiences. 

Experience In

We use “experience in” when we are talking about a particular field of work. 

I also have experience in marketing.

He has experience in sales. 

Experience With

“Experience with” is more common to use when you have used something(it could be physical or a piece of software).

I have some experience with Microsoft Word.

I have experience with children.

Often we use the word “working” between “experience” and “with”.

I have experience working with children.

Experience Of

We use “Experience Of” when we are talking about more of a physical experience which is often something related to hardship.

I have firsthand experience of poverty.

I have experience of what real hunger is, I know what it feels like.   

Experience On

“On” is not a preposition that we use in connection with the word “experience”.

“On” will however appear after “experience” when “on” is needed as a preposition in the sentence(on is not a dependent preposition).

We have a lot of experience on this team.

We have a lot of experience on this matter. 

In these examples ”on” is used to connect “team” and “matter” and the word “experience”.

Year + Experience

When many people are writing resumés they havae difficulty writing the word year with experience. The key is that yoiu need to use the apostrophe before the “s” for singular year and after the “s” for years. You can find more information in the full article I wrote about that here.