Experiences or Experience? What is the difference?

“Experiences” and “experience” can both be correct but the use of “experiences” depends on the meaning you are using the word “experience”. You can only use “experiences” as the plural for the countable noun “experience”

Is experience a countable or uncountable noun?

Experience can be used as both a countable and uncountable noun depending on the context.


The word experience means an event when it is countable. Think about an event or incident that left a big impression on you.

In this case, we can use “experiences” for the plural because we can count these experiences.  

I have had great experiences while traveling the world.

We had a great experience at your restaurant.

This second example of experience is becoming more and more common in English as people move from buying more physical, material goods to events where people learn new things and feel something special. 


“Experience” when used as an uncountable noun when you want to describe things you have done before and possibly have become skilled at.

This is often used in the context of work but it can be used in other contexts

I have experience with Microsoft word.

I have a lot of experience fixing cars. 

This use of experience should never use “experiences” because it is uncountable and similar to knowledge which is also uncountable.

Experienced or Experience?

“Experienced” is an adjective that describes a person who has experience(the uncountable form)

Are you an experienced engineer?

Experiences or Experience in a resumé

In a reumé or C.V, you should always use “Experience”. 

Work Experience

10 years as an accountant with KPMG

Work Experiences or Experience 

When you are writing your resumé or C.V you should always use “work experience” and not “work experiences”

A experience or An experience?

An experience is correct because “experience” begins with a vowel.

That was an experience!