Is Fall(Autumn) Capitalized? What about Fall Semester?

The seasons of the year winter, summer, spring, and fall(autumn) are not usually capitalized in English. The only times they are capitalized are when they are at the beginning of sentences, in titles and when they form part of a proper noun.

The season “fall” is known as “autumn” in British English and follows the same rules. 

Let’s look at some examples to make this clearer:

I don’t get home until fall 2025. 

This is the first fall that I have been here. 

This fall is much warmer than last fall.


Fall is coming. (Start of a sentence)

The Fall Formal is taking place in two weeks. (Part of a proper noun).

Is Fall Break Capitalized?

The phrase “fall break” should not be capitalized when describing a vacation. “Fall Break” should be capitalized when describing an event.


Oh, I really need fall break this year.

I can’t wait for the Fall Break Festival this year. 

Is Fall Semester Capitalized?

The phrase “fall semester” should not be capitalized when describing a term of school. “Fall Semester” should be capitalized when describing an event


Oh, I am studying in Ontario for fall semester this year.

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