seeked or sought

Seeked or Sought? Which is correct?

Sought is the past tense of the verb “To seek”. “Seeked” is incorrect and not a word in English. 

He sought professional help after his divorce.

He seeked professional help after his divorce.

The verb ”to seek” means to try to find something. Usually the verb “seek” means there is some difficulty and it is an easy step to try to find something.

“To seek out” is very similar to “seek” with more emphasis on the difficulty of finding the person or thing. 

Common phrases in English include “to seek help” or “to seek advice” 

You should seek advice from your local counselor.

He sought help after 10 years of taking drugs.

What is the past tense of Seek?

Present = Seek

Past Simple = Sought

Past Participle = Sought

What is another word for Seeked(Synonym)?

Remember that “seeked” is incorrect and the correct past tense form of “to seek” is “sought”.

Some synonyms include:

To look for

To try to find

Seeked vs Sought

The verb ”to seek” is irregular in English and for that reason, the past tense is not “seeked”. 

Other similar irregular verbs include to buy(past tense = bought) and to fight(fought)

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