you're welcome

Your welcome or You’re welcome? Which is correct?

You’re welcome is correct. “Your welcome” is incorrect and you should not use this phrase in English.

You’re welcome is a contraction of “you are welcome” 

“Your welcome” is a very common mistake in English because “your” and “you’re” sound very similar and have similar meanings.

“Your” is the possessive pronoun of you. This means that we use “your” when something belongs to “you”.

That is your car(you own the car).

“You’re” is the same as “you are”. It is a contraction which means we put two words together often when we are speaking.

The phrase “to be welcome” needs the verb “to be” to function and for that reason, the correct way to respond to “thank you” is “you’re welcome”.

You’re welcome example sentences

Thank you so much for driving me to the airport.

You’re welcome.


Donny: Thank you for dinner, Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones: You’re welcome.

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You’re Welcomed? 

“You’re welcomed” is incorrect and should not be used. 

If you want to use” welcomed” then you would need to conjugate the verb “to be” correctly and it would be “you were welcomed”. This has a different meaning though.

You were welcomed to our city with open arms.