Everyones or Everyone’s? Which is correct?

Everyone’s is correct because everyone is always singular. Everyone’s is the possessive form of the word which means “everyone” owns something. Everyones is incorrect and should not be used in English. 


We use everyone’s in English when we want to show that something belongs to all the people that we are talking about. This is common to use when we are talking to a group of people.

What is everyone’s favourite flavour of ice cream?

Is everyone’s house here the same colour?

Everyone’s can also be the contraction of everyone is or everyone has. 

Everyone’s talking about me, I know it. (is)

Everyone’s already gotten their certificate. (has)

This is much more common in spoken English and titles of songs and movies.


Everyones is incorrect because everyone is singular and therefore we do not need to make “everyone” plural in English.


Everyones’ is also incorrect in English because when we add the apostrophe after the s, it is because the word is already plural. As we have already said above, everyone can’t be plural so for this reason everyones’ is incorrect and should not be used in English.

Is there an apostrophe in Everyones?

Yes, There is an apostrophe in Everyone’s because everyone’s shows possession or is a contraction of everyone is or has. 

Everyone’s food is delicious!

Everyone’s invited to the party!

Is it everyone’s lives or everyone’s life?

“Everyone’s life” is correct because “everyone” is a singular word. 

Everyone’s life is valuable.

What are everyone’s or What is everyone’s?

“What is everyone’s…?” is correct because “everyone’s” is singular.

What is everyone’s favourite colour?