for god's sake

For God’s Sake(Meaning and How to use)

“For God’s sake” is an exclamation in English that we use when we are frustrated. 

JOHN!!Are you ready for school yet? For God’s sake! You always take so long! 

Many people do not like the expression “For God’s Sake” because it takes the name of God in vain. This means that it is almost like a curse word and some Christians do not like this. 

For God’s sake alternative expressions

If you do not want to offend people, it is better to use these alternatives:

Oh for goodness sake!

For heaven’s sake

Oh Please!

Come on!

Oh for Pete’s sake! 

Is For God’s sake a bad word?

Depending on who you are talking to, it could be offensive. If you know that the people you are talking to are devout Christians, then it is better to use an alternative such as “For Goodness sake”

Is it for God sake or for God’s sake?

I have heard both “For God Sake” in Northern Ireland and “For God’s Sake” in the Republic of Ireland so there definitely are people who use both expressions.

Where does the phrase For God’s sake come from?

“For God’s sake” is an expression to show anger and for that reason, people use “God” which was very taboo when people were more religious in the past. 

The word “sake” means behalf or part in this context.