Someone vs anyone

Someone vs Anyone – What’s the difference?

Someone and Anyone have slightly different meanings and usage. Someone means an unspecified person with certain characteristics and Anyone means an unspecified person without any characteristics.

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Positive, Negative,Question sentences

Someone is usually used in positive and question sentences

Anyone is usually used in negative and question sentences  


I need someone to help me fix the car.

Can someone help me fix the car?


I don’t need anyone to help me fix the car.

Do you have any cars to fix?

Anyone can also be used in positive sentences when there is a negative idea or with “if”.

I need anyone, it doesn’t matter who it is.

If anyone talks, there will be punishment for everyone.

The difference in meaning between Someone and Anyone

Someone means an unspecified person. 

Anyone means an unspecified person but it doesn’t matter which person. 

Someone often means that this unspecified person has certain qualities.

I need someone who can climb trees. 

We use “Anyone” when we don’t care about the qualities or if we want to know if a person with these qualities exists.

Anyone can drive a car, it’s easy. (anyone implies that you don’t need certain qualities)

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to run 6 marathons in a row. (in this case, we don’t know if a person with these qualities exists)

Someone vs Anyone

Can someone help me with this maths problem…. Anyone?

In this example, we are looking for a person with specific qualities(the ability to solve the maths problem) and when nobody appears to have the qualities, we use “anyone” to ask if a person with such qualities exists.  


Someone means the same thing as Somebody

Anyone means the same things as Anybody.