Grossly Unremarkable – Meaning and Use 

‘Grossly unremarkable’ can be used to describe many things that one finds unremarkable, but this specific set of words has a place in medical usage that many people may or may not know about. In a medical setting, grossly unremarkable means that the doctor did not see anything unusual with the naked eye. 

Continue reading on to learn more about how and why this is used in the medical field, the definition of the two words, and a few examples of how to use this in a sentence both in medical terminology and in common dialogue.

What Does Grossly Unremarkable Mean?

Grossly Unremarkable means that a close examination of an affected body part with the naked eye revealed nothing unusual. As a result, it is ‘grossly’ understandable that nothing was worth diagnosing, or to put it another way, it is ‘unremarkable.’ This does not always imply that everything is fine. It simply means that advanced equipment may be needed to find the issue.

Is Grossly Unremarkable Used Negatively?

A common misconception when using medical terminology such as ‘grossly unremarkable’ is that it has a negative meaning. This is understandable because both of the words by themselves, gross and unremarkable, tend to have negative connotations.

In medical terms, however, neither of these words carries a negative impact. The word ‘gross’ in medical usage means that something is viewed at a macroscopic level, or without a microscope. ‘Unremarkable’ in medical usage is a good thing for patients and doctors. It means that nothing visibly is wrong.

Grossly Unremarkable in Common Dialogue

The phrase ‘grossly unremarkable’ can be used in common dialogue and without any medical insinuations. Grossly unremarkable means that something is dreadfully common, without any flair, plain, boring, or simple. While ‘grossly unremarkable’ can be used in common dialogue, it is not found often and can be found mostly in the medical literature.

Examples of ‘Grossly Unremarkable’ in a Sentence

Using ‘grossly unremarkable’ in a sentence when referring to medical issues is common and quite easy. If you are going to use ‘grossly unremarkable’ in a common dialogue sentence, you will want to think about how to use it in line with the tone you are trying to convey.

Some examples of how to use ‘grossly unremarkable’ in a sentence are:

  • Her 18-week anatomy scan was grossly unremarkable.
  • His SAT scores were grossly unremarkable.
  • The CT Scan that was ordered was grossly unremarkable, so the doctor ordered an MRI too.