Hastle or Hassle? Which is Correct?

Everyone knows those words in the English language that sound nothing like how you spell them. However, some words sound exactly how you spell them. For “hastle,” and “hassle.” Which spelling is correct?

The correct spelling is “hassle.” Although some people may think that you spell “hassle” with a “t,” like you would “hustle,” and not “hussle,” spelling “hassle” like “hastle” is incorrect. 

It can be frustrating to try to spell “hussle” only to realize it is “hustle.” Then you use the same principle to spell “hastle,” to find that the “t” changed to an “s.” Where did that “t” come from anyway? Keep reading to find out more about why “hassle” is correct.

What Does “Hassle” Mean?

“Hassle” can take the form of a few different parts of speech. As a verb, “hassle” is an action word that means to bother or annoy someone.


  • Stop hassling me! I don’t have any cash.
  • If I have to hassle my boss for a raise, I will.

“Hassle” can also take the form of a noun. In this way, a “hassle” can be a thing that someone may want to avoid.


  • Going to the DMV is such a hassle, so I will do everything online if I can.
  • It is a hassle trying to get across town during rush hour.

Way Do People Spell “Hassle” as “Hastle”?

“Hastle” is the word people write if they really mean “hassle.” Although there is no “t” in the pronunciation of “hassle,” people may confuse the principle of spelling “hassle” with the spelling of “hustle.”

You don’t spell “hustle” like “hussle,” but don’t spell “hassle” like “hastle.” It can be confusing to some people because the words are similar in structure and they both have a short vowel “a” and “u” sounds.


  • Application.
  • Upmost.

The words even sound like them have that double “s” sounds as well, so you would think that the spelling is the same. It is not. “Hastle” is not a word and neither is “hussle.”

Final Thoughts

“Hassle” is a very useful word that people can use as a noun or a verb, but it is very easy to confuse the spelling of “hassle” with the spelling of “hustle.”

It is important to remember that, although the words sound the same, they are not the same words and don’t share the same principle when spelling them or sounding them out.
“Hastle” is not a word in the English dictionary, just like “hussle” isn’t a word.