Is Repairment a Word in English? (Meaning and Definition)

There are some words that you might hear in the English language that you may wonder if someone made it up on the spot. “Repairment” is such a word. But, is “repairment” an actual word in English?

No, although it looks like “repairment” is a word in the English language, it is not in any reputable dictionary as a real word. You may, however, hear someone use “repairment” in conversation, but it is likely that they are making it up to be funny, or make light of something.  

You would not be off in thinking that “repairment” is a made-up word. It definitely is not a word that you would find in a grammar book, but there are ways to use it in a sentence if you are engaging in light conversation. Keep reading to learn more about why people may say “repairment.”

What Does “Repairment” Mean?

Repairment is not really an English word, so technically it doesn’t mean anything. If you were to break down the word, however, it would most likely mean “the act of being fixed.”

What Does “Repair” Mean?

“Repair” means to fix something that has been broken or damaged.


  • My dad had to repair my bike because the chain came off.
  • My car is in the shop. They are finally going to repair my busted headlight.

Notice that in both examples, an item is broken and needs to be fixed, or repaired, by someone.

What Does “Ment” Mean?

When you add “ment” to the end of a word, it changes that word to a noun. You most commonly see this transition with verbs that transform into nouns when you add “ment” to the end of it.


  • She worked to achieve the gold medal.
  • Earning that gold medal was an achievement

Notice that adding “ment” to the word made it a thing instead of an action.

When you add “ment” to “repair,” you change the verb to a noun.


  • I am waiting for the repairment of my car.

Being that “repairment” is not a word people may assume you are making up the word to be funny.

Final Thoughts

Some People may use repairment in a sentence in light, playful conversations, but not in formal settings.

When you add “ment” to the end of a verb, you change the action word into a noun. In the case of “repairment,” it means “the act of being repaired.” It may be fun to see what other words you can make up.